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I am letting people register to my App using their mobile numbers. I can see the people online on the admin panel. But unless I manually go and add them to the roster and subscribe, they can't chat with each other. How can I do this without having to manually add them?

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Install and configure Openfire's Subscription Plugin.

From the Readme of the Plugin:

This plugin can be configuured to automatically accept or reject subscription requests. When set to accept subscription requests users will be able to add someone to their roster (aka "Buddy List" or "Contacts") without having to wait for a manual subscription acceptance from the requested user.

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That's a piece of the problem but I think OP wants to automatically populate the roster rather than generating subscribe requests for each. –  paulmelnikow Feb 18 '13 at 17:17
Thanks for update. But I have tried installing that plugin as well. The roster ain't getting populated. And I want the users in the roster list with subscription as 'both'. –  MarenWolf Feb 19 '13 at 6:25

To send friend request :

 XMPPJID *newBuddy = [XMPPJID jidWithString:@"Buddyname"];
 [xmppRoster addUser:newBuddy withNickname:nil];

Accept Request:

 - (void)xmppStream:(XMPPStream *)sender didReceivePresence:(XMPPPresence *)presence{

    if  ([presenceType isEqualToString:@"subscribe"]) {

        [xmppRoster acceptPresenceSubscriptionRequestFrom:presence.from andAddToRoster:YES];
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