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I'm looking into some sort of Javascript spreadsheet engine, that would allow me to define complex calculations in some sort of standard spreadsheet format (Excel, WKS or even some text based proprietary format) and then allow me to read it from this formatted file (on the server) into the Javascript spreadsheet engine and map it to particular form fields.

The reason is various web applications that I'm involved with have a large amount of complex formulaic logic and coding it all in pure Javascript is time consuming and prone to error. It would be much more efficient to write the formulas in a spreadsheet and map it via an engine later to a web form.

It needs to be Javascript so immediate form changes are re-calculated on the spot without any need for trips back to the server.

Any suggestions?

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I suggest you to look at Simple Spreadsheets. This is the more complete web based spreadsheet library I found.

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I think another way is embeding a java spreadsheet applet in html,and call it with javascript.

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