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I am building a third party plugin to the popular platform Atlassian JIRA and where I have implemented a calendar. However when I click on a day outside any event, it triggers a function which will trigger the #create_link event.

When that event gets fired a new modal window opens and the user may fill out a new issue. The thing is that I want to change the issuetype field and then fill in one field automatically. However, I have no idea how to generate a new window with these result (I don't think it's possible) and therefore my only option was javascript events.

This is my code so far:

jQuery.when(AJS.$('#create_link').trigger('click')).done(function() {
    jQuery.when(jQuery('#issuetype-field').trigger('click')).done(function() {

//I have also tried to use `.then`

The thing is, the triggers work when run separately in console but it seems like the jQuery.when doesn't. Because the next event triggers long before the window has been loaded.

What I need is a way to wait to trigger the last 2 events by using callbacks on the triggers or what not. How can I solve this problem? Also, if anyone know how to create a new issue window with js in jira that is also a very acceptable answer.

Thanks a lot!

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not very sure what exactly do you want. but why you making custom and not using Jira's issue collector? –  Салман Feb 18 '13 at 12:47
if you make this comment as an answer I can accept it. Even if it didn't solve all our issues, it solved most. Thanks a bunch! –  cubsink Feb 18 '13 at 14:02
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Using Jira issue collector would make your task much simpler. You can configure it to receive feedback or bug reports etc.


The integration of the issue collector is merely adding a script tag in your HTML page

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