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I have found this web site really helpful since everybody helps here with the best answers. Now, i need a suggestion. I hope you would help me as before.

I need to develop an ASP.NET application with oracle database. Database server is physically separated from the application server. Now my question is which technology is preferable for this task? I mean ASP.NET MVC or General ASP or something... How do i use database technology?

I have studied ASP.NET MVC and found it difficult since it is in the primitive stage and i am not a professional programmer to make the best use of it. So please help me to proceed.

Thank you all.

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Please see Connecting to an Oracle Database Using ASP.NET—A Step-by-Step Tutorial:

There are numerous articles on .NET and ASP.NET. However, recently I had to develop an ASP.NET application connecting to an Oracle database and, to make everything work together, I had to solve several problems. This article will show you the step-by-step process to develop an ASP.NET client connecting to an Oracle database server.

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Oracle has released it's own implementation of an ADO.NET Data Provider.

There are plenty of resources there, including some tutorials which should hopefully get you started.

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