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I need do something like that:

I have theme "panel" in /themes/panel and there layout /themes/panel/views/layouts/main.php with example content


I have module "admin" in /protected/modules/admin and there layout /protected/modules/admin/view/layouts/main.php with example content


And on the end i want


Also in /themes/panel/views/layouts/main.php i need load css file from module.

In other explanation: I have one template for all panels (header, css files, footer), but each of panels need separate layout (only the middle of content change like menu etc.) and one or more individual css file.

Also some images will be include from main theme, other will be individual for modules.

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You can use the renderPartial function for load the parts of layout.

<?= $this->renderPartial('webroot.themes.' . Yii::app()->theme->name . '.views.layouts.' . Yii::app()->layout . '.<PART_OF_LAYOUT>') ?>
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Thx, i will check this. In what way i should load /protected/modules/X/views/layouts/main.php for all views in X module? I need load that in way the application will know to load images from modules folder but also i need load images from /themes/panel/img. –  kabra Feb 18 '13 at 15:57

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