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I've tried some different solutions I've found on the web on my .htaccess file (placed in the root of my website), but I always end up with an "Internal Server Error"...

I need a generic rule to remove a specific folder from the URL and the extension of all the files contained in it (adding a trailing slash at the end), with a redirection to the rewrited url. So, for example:

the folder I want to work on is called "pages", so the rule should not affect any other folder, and I want that the url

will be rewrited/redirected to


will be rewrited/redirected to


will be rewrited/redirected to

and so on...

How can I achieve that?

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This would be more logical in 2 rules:

  1. Remove extension: /subfolder/pages/(.*).[^.]+ -> /subfolder/pages/$1/
  2. Remove pages from URL: /subfolder/pages/(.*) -> /subfolder/$1

Didn't test the rules but this should get you there.

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thanks, I'll look into it tonight and I'll let you know if I can manage to make it work ;) –  Stefano Feb 18 '13 at 17:12

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