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So I was reading the php manual again and saw a comment on the code of a custom exception to call the parent Exception constructor and do not understand the purpose of this.

Here is the code:

class MyException extends Exception
        // Redefine the exception so message isn't optional
        public function __construct($message, $code = 0) {
        // some code

        // make sure everything is assigned properly
        parent::__construct($message, $code);

    // custom string representation of object
    public function __toString() {
    return __CLASS__ . ": [{$this->code}]: {$this->message}\n";

    public function customFunction() {
        echo "A custom function for this type of exception\n";

I don't understand the logic of "//make sure everything is assigned properly parent::__construct($message, $code);"

Any logic as to why this is done would be helpful.

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PHP will not call the parent's constructor method automatically when you override the constructor method. So if the parent's constructor is still necessary, you have to call it manually.

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Exception class contains own properties such as $code and $message

They are ihnerited by child classes, example:

class Exception {
  protected $code ;
  protected $message ;

  public function __construct($code, $message){
    $this->code = $code ;
    $this->message = $message ;

    //AND some important default actions are performed
    //when class is instantiated.

So, after you called parent::__construct()

Your child class will have instance variables $code and $message set properly.

$myEx = new MyException("10", "DB Error") ;
//Now you can get the error code, because it was set in its parent constructor:
$code = $myEx->getCode() ;
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well the base Exception class of PHP assignes the message / code to some internal properties. i'm sure the author of this class could have not written the _construct(); but in this case he wanted to demonstrate that parent::_construct(); has to be called if you overwrite the constructor.

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