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This way i try to add html data to web browser control.

private void Adddata()
webBrowser1.DocumentText =
"<html><body>Please enter your name:<br/>" +
"<input type='text' name='userName'/><br/>" +
"<a href='http://www.microsoft.com'>continue</a>" +

This works but when i call the Adddata() routine repeatedly then only first time data gets added but from the next time no data is getting added. i just want to add the data repeatedly. is there any way out.

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You can use this:

webBrowser1.DocumentText +=

But now when you can't add this code with many body and html tags. Always build new String with one html and body tag. Just append html code inside.

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can u plzz tell me how can i remove any html element programmatically from web browser control. suppose by id name of that control. any idea. –  Thomas Feb 18 '13 at 13:57


webBrowser1.DocumentText = //blah


webBrowser1.DocumentText += //blah

Well, not really. It wouldn't be the best of ideas to do that for html. What I would do is

//in class def
bool firstTime;
//in method
bool firstTimeLcl = firstTime
firstTime = false;
if (firstTimeLcl)
//write header
String.Replace(/*closing tags*/, "");
//write everything within body
//write closing tags
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