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How would could one write a macro that will copy sheet 2 from workbook 1 and create a new workbook and paste that sheet into the new workbook If i click on a button I have added at the bottom of sheet 1, workbook 1.

Edit This code copies the active sheet(which is not the sheet I want) and does the rest perfectly by prompting to save as, which is cool, However I need to copy sheet 2 and not the active sheet.

Sub GetQuote()

   Dim activeWB As String
   Dim thisSheet As String

   activeWB = ActiveWorkbook.Name
   thisSheet = Workbooks(activeWB).ActiveSheet.Name
   Workbooks(activeWB).Sheets(thisSheet).Copy _

End Sub
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What have you tried? give the macro recorder a chance, look at the code and get back if you're stuck! :-) –  Peter Albert Feb 18 '13 at 13:50
I have tried code that copies the active sheet and not sheet two because I have hidden that sheet on purpose. I will edit the question and add the code. –  Mike Barnes Feb 18 '13 at 13:53

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This should do the job:

Sub GetQuote()
End Sub
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