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I am buildng a system that integrates the entities from different data stores on to a unified interface. The eventual target is to build a system that has a capability of querying objects located in multiple datastores on the basis of a unique keys. One of the our datastores is Documentum in which we are keeping all of our documents foldered by their unique names (Keys). The multiple data stores are having a same unique name for a particular entity. The only show stopper here is to get a list of the documents associated with the unique name of certain entity and retrieve the document from documentation. I am searching for a way (a query, or a procedure) to get this task to be done.

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You can retrieve all the documents under a folder using the folder predicate in a DQL query:

select * from dm_document where folder('/mycabinet/myfolders/uniquefolder', DESCEND);
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Another way to accomplish this is to add a new Documentum Type with a custom attribute to store your unique key. Then you can query directly on that attribute. If you would like to try this route, you should create a new Type that inherits from dm_document.

Then, your query could be like this:

select * from my_new_type where my_custom_attribute = <unique_key>

Folders can be a good solution if it helps you to organize and navigate the data, but they can also create some unique performance challenges. I would suggest against them if your dataset is very large and you don't need to navigate the folder structure.

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