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I am trying to loop through a set of results returned from a db.transaction. In this loop I am appending html content to a JavaScript variable, which, once the loop is completed is added to the DOM using jQuery's html() function. This works as expected.

The problem is that during the loop, I am making another db.transaction query. The problem I am having is the second query (within the loop) is not completing before moving to the next iteration of the loop.

I originally used a for() loop, but figured that this is what was causing the issue, since the for loop had no way to know whether the db.transaction within the loop was completed yet.

So I decided to go with a recursive loop, which looks like:

var html_content = '<table class="booking-table"><tbody>';
var i = 0;

function getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive(i){
    html_content += "More HTML content, not relevant"
    localStorage.setItem("current_row_booking_id", results.rows.item(i).id);
    db.transaction(getPhotoCountForSyncItem, getPhotoCountForSyncItemFailRecursive,                 getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive(i));

    if (i == results.rows.length){
        html_content += '</tbody></table>';


So, first off I am setting 2 variables, one to hold the html content (html_content), and another to hold the count for the current result (i)

Next is the function declaration getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive() which accepts one argument, the current count (i). After this function, I am calling the function to start the recursive loop.

Within the function, I am doing a large amount of appending (not shown here as it is irrelevant) to the html_content variable. I am then setting a localStorage value called current_row_booking_id which has a value of the current results id (and is used in the second query shortly).

I then increment the count, and call the recursive part of the function:

db.transaction(getPhotoCountForSyncItem, getPhotoCountForSyncItemFailRecursive, getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive(i));

As you can see, I call a function getPhotoCountForSyncItem, and on success, call the recursive function getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive(i) (creating my loop)

My getPhotoCountForSyncItem (and its success and fail callbacks) look like:

function getPhotoCountForSyncItem(tx){
    tx.executeSql("SELECT * FROM booking_photo WHERE booking_id = '" + localStorage.getItem("current_row_booking_id") + "'", [], getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccess, getPhotoCountForSyncItemFail);

function getPhotoCountForSyncItemFail(tx, results){

function getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccess(tx, results){
    if (results.rows.length == 0){
        console.log('no photos');
    } else {
        console.log('got photos ' + results.rows.length);

The problem I am having is the recursive function (getPhotoCountForSyncItemSuccessRecursive) which should only be called again once the getPhotoCountForSyncItem function is complete is firing before then. Any suggestion as to what is wrong? Is there a better way of doing this?

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