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Concerning the following configuration for OracleAQ in Spring

<jms:listener-container connection-factory="connectionFactory"
    <jms:listener destination="AQ_TS_MY_TEST"  
        ref="messageDelegate" method="handleMessage" subscription="LUKAS34" />

The problem here is that despite the fact that we don't have subscription LUKAS34 (but we have other - LUKAS) above configuration causes that all messages from AQ_TS_MY_TEST are read.

I expect that if I define subscription="LUKAS" all messages for this subscription will be read and otherwise none will be read.

What is the problem with above configuration?

Additionally I see that that in table:

select *

is many entries like 'TSUB_1_*' which seems to me that spring configuration 'creates' new consumers and name 'LUKAS' in configuration is skipped.

Ok... I modified (it's not a solution but it shows where the problem is...) some spring class. Let's take a look at private method ... org.springframework.jms.listener.DefaultMessageLis tenerContainer#initResourcesIfNecessary

private void initResourcesIfNecessary() throws JMSException {
        if (getCacheLevel() <= CACHE_CONNECTION) {
        else {
            if (this.session == null && getCacheLevel() >= CACHE_SESSION) {
                this.session = createSession(getSharedConnection());
            if (this.consumer == null && getCacheLevel() >= CACHE_CONSUMER) {
                this.consumer = createListenerConsumer(this.session);
                synchronized (lifecycleMonitor) {

if I change here (in this method consumer name from randomly generated (as I suppose randomly generated by spring) to my fixed name 'LUKAS' everything works as I expected - my listener reads only those messages which are defined in PL/SQL side for consumer 'LUKAS'.

So the question is if I can somehow set up in spring jms:listener configuration consumer name?

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1 Answer

Try changing your




And seeing if that works.

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