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I am using jplayer to play a mp3 file, which is is on my local machine itself. But player is unable to play. Here is my code.

                    ready: function () {
                      $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {

                        //m4a: location1
                        oga: location2,
                        mp3: ""
                    swfPath: "<?php echo $base;?>/jplayer/",
                    supplied: "m4a, oga, mp3"

How can I accomplish this. Please help me.

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This should work:

Set up the player

       swfPath: "http://www.jplayer.org/latest/js/Jplayer.swf",
  supplied: "mp3",
  wmode: "window",
  autoPlay: true,

Load the track

  "setMedia", {
    mp3: "http://xxxx.rackcdn.com/"+track_id+".MP3"

Play it!


This should work. If not there must be someting with the filepaths.

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