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I want to deploy my WCF Web Service to IIS using WIX, I want to create a merge module project for this. I want to include this merge module in other main package? How can I do this? Any examples??

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What are you using to consume the merge module. InstallShield? WiX? Other? All of the above?

When it gets added to a product, is it always the same website / vdir / port or can it be different?

This can be tricky and it might not be a job suitable for a merge module. At a minimum I'd make two merge modules ( 1 for the files and 1 for the IIS extension pieces ) that way a product could consume the files but author their own IIS if needed.

If you are only doing WiX, fragments and libraries would be a better road to go down. This way someone could reference the right set of component groups to get the same granularity.

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We will use only WIX, we are not going to use any other. – Dev Feb 18 '13 at 21:07
Then you should be looking at Fragments and Libraries not Merge Modules. – Christopher Painter Feb 18 '13 at 21:11

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