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I am working on VSTS 2010 and using Microsoft Test Manager to manage our team's test cases. I just want to add a custom field for Test Categories (with values like BVT, FVT, Regression etc..) to the existing Test case template by following the steps here and here. But I am not able to select multiple values. I am able to create a drop down list with one of these values can be selected but not more than one. but since a test case can be part of more than one test category, how can I make this possible?

My steps:

  1. In Process Editor, Work item types I Create a new field called Test Category with Ref Name as MyCustomField
  2. In Rules, I selected AllowedValues as BVT, FVT, Regression.
  3. After that, In Layout tab created a new control with name Test Categories 4.The field name of the control is set to MyCustomField
  4. When I checked in MTM to create a new test case, the control is showing as drop down instead of one that was shown here
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The control you are trying to use is strictly 1 to 1 (does not allow for multiple values), so there isn't really a simple answer to this question, but here are some options:

1- Create 3 custom fields BVT, FVT, and Regression each with a yes/no input.

2- Follow the steps here: Multi-value list control

3- Upgrade to VS2012 and use tagging.

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