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I have installed Eclipse, pyDev, and Kivy and setup my first project with a file using the instructions found here:

But I'm now stuck on how to create a Hello World Android app and install it on my Android emulator.

Do I need to import any part of the Android SDK? Am I missing anything? I don't even know what to put in my except

print("Hello, World!")

EDIT: Ok I figured out how to get it to run in a test window, but I still can't get it to run in an Android virtual device.

Here is the new code:

from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button

class TestApp(App):
    def build(self):
        return Button(text='Hello World')

if __name__ in ('__main__', '__android__'):


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The tutorial that you linked to does not have anything to do with Android.

The title is:

How to use PyDev to develop and run Kivy Applications (on Windows)

note the (on windows) part.

So that I don't think is going to get you anywhere.

It is possible to write python apps for android. See here:

and here:

I don't think kivy is going to work on sl4a though. I do believe that they have some support for GUI applications, but it is not nearly as thorough as the java SDK.

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good point...I had assumed the (on Windows) part was referring to setting up Kivy on Windows...thanks – 999cm999 Feb 18 '13 at 17:15

Running the kivy apps on the android virtual machine is not supported. You need to use a actual device. for details look here.

The easiest way for now on windows is to::

  1. Download the pre-built VM(ubuntu 12.10 warning 930+MB), it's a virtualbox disk
  2. Create a new VirtualBox VM that uses this disk
  3. Start the vm and follow the instructions mentioned on the Readme on the desktop of the VM.

You should have a apk ready shortly.

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