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I got an error [error] Element //div[@id='newslist_config']//button[@type='button'] not found when I use auto run to run my selenium test but if I click at the command and choose Execute this command The tests pass. Could you tell me why selenium can not find that element?

My selenium test is


The html is

<div id="newslist_config" class="section-box span8">
<div class="accordion-group">
<div class="accordion-heading">
<h3>News-List Configuration</h3>
<a class="btn btn-danger close_newslist_config" data-dismiss="modal" href="#">remove widget</a>
<button class="btn btn-info collapse-btn" type="button" href="#collapse_newslist" data-parent="#newslist_config" data-toggle="collapse">
<span class="edit-btn-txt">
<span class="collapse-btn-txt">
<div id="collapse_newslist" class="collapse collapse-box">
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What about //div[@id='accordion-heading']/descendant::input[@type='button']? – Arran Feb 19 '13 at 9:39

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You could instead try the xpath: //div[@id='accordion-heading']/button[@type='button'] This is a more direct path; if it does not work I would suggest trying to click one of the containing spans as sometimes, due to styling, clicking an elements span achieves more consistent results. I sometimes have this issue when working with WebDriver in KendoUI.

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I change to use //div[@id='newslist_config']/div[@class='accordion-group']/div[@class='accordion‌​-heading']/button[@type='button'] but it still doesnt work when I run with "play currently test case" But if work when I right click at the command and choose "Execute this command. – Nudjaree Chanprasert Feb 19 '13 at 8:08
It fixed by using pause 999 after click command :) – Nudjaree Chanprasert Feb 19 '13 at 10:07
If it only works when you execute the command directly (or with a pause) you are most likely doing something wrong before or after that xpath. Might be worth looking at the surrounding areas of your code as sleeps are not great! – Nashibukasan Feb 19 '13 at 20:40


1.Derive the CSS Selector from the given DOM.

css=#newslist_config .collapse-btn

2.Perform the click

driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("#newslist_config .collapse-btn")).click();

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