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I create jQuery UI daialog, if it is showed, when I click out it close

        autoOpen: false,
        resizable: false,
        width: 230,
        height: 170,
        modal: false,
        open: function() {
            window.closedialog = 1;
            $(document).bind('click', function(){
                if (window.closedialog) {
                //set to one because click on dialog box sets to zero
                window.closedialog = 1;
        focus: function() {
            window.closedialog = 0;
        close: function() {



My question : does exists any method or option for dialog to close it when I click out??

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You can use jQuery context menu for it


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This functionality makes sense to me only with modal dialogs. You can use the click-event on the overlay surrounding the dialog:

$('.ui-widget-overlay').on("click", function() {
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