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I'm using the method where on my Backbone collection like so:

var quote = app.Collections.quotes.where({Id: parseInt(id, 10)});

However, to access the only result/Model (as it's by ID, there's only going to be one) - how can I get the actual Model without resorting to using this:

var onlyModel = quote[0] ?

Is there a better way?

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A better way is to use get on the collection. http://backbonejs.org/#Collection-get

var quote = app.Collection.quotes.get(parseInt(id, 10));
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Backbone proxies Underscore functions on collections and notably findWhere that will return the first match found.

findWhere _.findWhere(list, properties)
Looks through the list and returns the first value that matches all of the key-value pairs listed in properties.

Your query can be written as

var quote = app.Collections.quotes.findWhere({Id: parseInt(id, 10)});

But in your case, if you are indeed looking for the model with a given id, you can directly use the get method

get collection.get(id)
Get a model from a collection, specified by an id, a cid, or by passing in a model.

 var quote = app.Collection.quotes.get(id);
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