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Please help, I'm at my wits end as I'm trying to make a responsive email, going from two columns to a single one, everything goes perfect until I reach Outlook2013, it adds a single black line to the right of each table that is aligned next to each other. I've tried to reset it with the border-collapse:collapse function, but it's not having any effect. I basically have two tables left aligned in a tablecell.

        <td align="left" style="border-collapse:collapse"><table width="300" border="0" style="border-collapse:collapse" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="contenttable" align="left">
            <td align="left" class="headercell" height="399" width="300" style="line-height:399px"><p style="mso-table-lspace:0;mso-table-rspace:0;"><img src="image" style="display:block; width:100% height:auto" alt="" border="0px" height="399" width="300" /></p></td>
        </table> <table width="300" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="contenttable" style=" border-collapse:collapse" align="left">
            <td align="left" class="headercell"><p style="mso-table-lspace:0;mso-table-rspace:0;"><img src="image" style="display:block; width:100% height:auto" alt="" /></p></td>
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You chose the wrong icon in the editor that's all. (quote instead of code) I fixed that for you. – Shadow Wizard Feb 18 '13 at 15:30
thanks shadow :) – user2083742 Feb 18 '13 at 15:34

Yeah. That's Outlook showing the 1px gaps/borders it keeps between floated tables. You cannot get rid of it. Kinda. You can recolor it though.

For the little 1px gaps/lines you need to add:

border: 1px solid #COLOR;

to every floated table being sure to adjust the width of your tables to avoid "float drop". Where #COLOR is the background color of your tables.

If you're having problems with BIG gaps you need to put this in your head in a style tag:

table {mso-table-lspace:0pt;mso-table-rspace:0pt; border-collapse:collapse;}  
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Usually I find that the colour of the mystery border is the same as the background-color on the body element. EG if you have a green background with white content areas, the lines will be green on white.

To fix it in this case you can set the body background to be white and that will fix it. The gaps are still there, but you can't see them. You would then apply the green background colour to a container table instead.

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