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I have a Phonegap app and using jQuery "append()". Is there any way to put this line as a output in a div?

<p><a href="javascript:sound(2)"><img class="swapImageClick {src: 'soundoff.png'}" src="soundon.png /></a></p>


$('#div2').append ('');


$('#div2').html ('');

I had no luck because of the " " and ' '

Maybe thre is a way to split this..? Or an other function...? Or other chars to Mask..?

Can anybody help?

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Use single quotes ' and escape the single quotes in your string with a backslash \ – Jo David Feb 18 '13 at 15:54
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Your HTML is invalid to start with. Then, you may escape quotes with \" or \'.

You can do this :

var html = '<p><a href="javascript:sound(2)">'
   + '<img class="swapImageClick {src: \'soundoff.png\'}" src="soundon.png">'
   + '</a></p>';
$('#div2').html (html);

But I may be missing something as your class attribute is strange. What are you trying to do with this {src thing ? Assuming this is just an accident, maybe you want

var html = '<p><a href="javascript:sound(2)">'
   + '<img class="swapImageClick" data-swap-image-click-src="soundoff.png" src="soundon.png">'
   + '</a></p>';
$('#div2').html (html);

As soon as you start to jungle with escaping quotes, it might be saner to start looking for another solution. For example :

var img = $('<img>', {
    class: 'swapImageClick',
    'data-swap-image-click-src': 'soundoff.png',
    src: 'soundon.png'
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Thanks man! this is exactly what i need! The Strange looking class attribute is for jquery-swapimage plugin link and till now i don´t know how to Mask it right. Thanks. – JonnyB Feb 19 '13 at 10:17

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