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I have a site i'm working on at the moment, in which I have a sidebar displaying the 10 most recent posts (titles as links). I'm calling this in with the Embed function.

Though when I am looking on the individual post itself, the list only displays the post title that i'm on.

My embedded code calls all 10 of the recent posts in a exp:channels entry normal way.

Is there something i've done wrong? Below is the code for the main blog page:

                           <!-- content -->

                           <div class="container">
                           <div class="row">
                           {exp:channel:entries channel="blog" limit="1"}
                           <div class="span8">


                            <header class="postHeader">
                                <div class="row-fluid">
                                    <div class="span3 postDate">{entry_date format="%d"}<span>{entry_date format="%F"}</span></div>
                                    <div class="span9 postPic">
                                            <div class="imgWrapper">
                            <div class="row">
                                <section class="span6 offset2">
                                    <p><span class='st_sharethis' displayText='ShareThis'></span>
                                                <span class='st_facebook' displayText='Facebook'></span>
                                        <span class='st_twitter' displayText='Tweet'></span>



                           <!-- footer -->

This is the sidebar embed:

                        <aside class="span4" style="float:right;">
                        <section class="widget search clearfix">
                        {exp:channel:entries channel="blog" limit="10" orderby="date"}
                        <a href="{url_title_path='blog/post'}">{title}</a><br>
                        <section class="widget">
                        {exp:channel:month_links channel="blog"}
                        <a href="{path='blog'}">{month} {year}</a><br>

Its just the bit with the news section that I can't seem to get as a full list on the individual page.

Sorry I'm a newbie at EE so its all a bit confusing.

Any help would be great!

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Add dynamic="no" to your embed entries loop and you should be good.

Also, if you want answers on ExpressionEngine questions more quickly, try posting to expressionengine.stackexchange.com

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