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I'm using the SimpleModal Basic Modal Dialog and am having trouble using it to open more than one unique window on a page (I don't need them to open at the same time or on top of one another).
I tried adding another class and calling out that class in my js file, but I'm not getting it. Here is my example page, where I have the "i" icon (top-right) opening a contextual window --works exactly how I want it to. I want the "share" icon (below the photo) to open another window to link to social sites. I'm sure I'm missing something super elementary. -Can someone please help?

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I've put together some changes to your HTML and JavaScript, which should solve the issue:

You are loading jQuery twice, so I suggest you remove one of them. If you keep the version that is loading from the Google API, I'd suggest using the 1.3.2 version instead of 1.2.6.

Hope that helps.


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