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I have an HTML table on a simple Webform.
This table is constructed dynamically (based on a SQL Express DB) in the Page_Load.

Then my page is shown and my user can modify the content of the table cells (which are div) via drag&drop.
After that, I have to call a code behind method to update the new position of my elements in my table.
The problem is that I am using an asp:imagebutton which do a postback.
So, I am losing all the changes made in the client side before step in my OnClick method.
The only way that I have found is to retrieve the inner HTML of my parent div element (which is the parentNode of my table), inject it in a hidden input (on the OnClientCLick event by Javascript) and retrieve it in my server side. But, in this way, I am losing all my control hierarchy:

    parent.InnerHtml = Request.Form["innerHTML"];

The final purpose is to loop on my HTMLTable.
Rows element after hitting my imagebutton and update my DB with my client modified table.

Thx a lot for your help

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Finally, I used 2 hiddenfield, One with a JSON string with my modified value and one is the HTML code of my table. – amull Feb 22 '13 at 13:22

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