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I plan to create a global properties file for use across the application, and several properties files available only for specific classes and methods. Is there any particular industry standard for naming the property files?

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Some application frameworks use a conventions. The NetBeans Rich Client Platform and modules system uses in miscellaneous package directories. In general though, the less the better. – Joop Eggen Feb 18 '13 at 16:48
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To my knowledge, there is no set rule.

The naming convention I go by is if it is a properties for a single class, I use {ClassName}.properties, otherwise I use {WhatIsItUsedFor}.properties, and occasionally if it's for a single application, {ApplicationName}.properties. I have a preference for CamelCase; others prefer lowercase.

For the names of properties themselves, if granularity is possible, I use something like


Do realize the more property files you have, the more potential maintenance issues you create. Some are better off consolidating to a single properties file, using the property/value naming convention (above) to single-out any classes requiring their own configuration.

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Camel Case definitely makes it clearer to read, especially when the {IntentedVariable} portion becomes quite long. – Charles Morin Jul 16 '15 at 11:34

Short answer: no

Typically you'd name the global properties ''. Have a look around at some confgiration frameworks, see if they do what you want. Such as commons-configuration.

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No; name them something meaningful to the context in which they'll be used.

You'll see things like "", "", etc. right alongside filenames that have more business-specific meanings, like "".

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Not really. Name the file with a .properties extension (I've also seen .prp).

I would recommend against using a "global" properties file, and instead maintain like configurations in segregated files, i.e.:
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The naming is more complex if you consider also localization. See Java doc for java.util.ResourceBundle:

baseName + "_" + language + "_" + script + "_" + country + "_" + variant

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