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I'm working on a school manager script. I don't know how to insert a custom unique id of subscription...

I just use this function to show it's unique subscription's id when showing his/her full informations from the database:

$year = date('Y');
$ID = substr($student->dateNaissance,8,10).$student->id_etudiant."/".$year;

The function is combined of 3 things:

  • The 2 last digits of the year of birth (example: 01/01/1981.. i take only this -->81 using the substr function)
  • The row id from the table on the database (ex: 50).
  • And the year of subcription(example: 2013)

all that gives me , for example, as result 8150/2013

what i want here is when inserting the student data into the database , i want this unique ID to be inserted as well..

The problem here is i don't know how to get the last id of a row !

Yeah, I tried to insert the student data and then update the id_subscription using this:

    $mysqli->query("INSERT INTO table (a,b,c, ...etc) VALUES('','',''..etc)"); 
    $year = date('Y'); 
    $mysqli_query("SELECT * FROM table_name"); 
    $studentID = $mysqli_insert_id(); 
    $ID = substr($student->dateNaissance,8,10).$ID."/".$year; 
    $mysqli->query("UPDATE table_name SET id_subscription = $ID"); 

But its not working :\

By the way: in my table Im using an auto_increment id + the subscription_id in which i want to insert the customized id I showed above.

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If you want last id or record use this select * from table order by id desc or use mysqli_insert_id or mysql_insert_id – Basic Bridge Feb 18 '13 at 16:43
$mysqli_query and $mysqli_insert_id()? wonky code.. hopefully just typos. – Marc B Feb 18 '13 at 17:58

Assuming that row id is an auto_increment field, then you'd have to do it in two stages:

  1. start transaction
  2. insert everything into the DB EXCEPT your id field
  3. use last_insert_id() to get the mysql-generated ID field
  4. build your own id field
  5. update the record with this new id
  6. commit the transaction.
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don't put code chunks into a comment. totally unreadable. you can edit your question and append it. – Marc B Feb 18 '13 at 16:53
ooh! mybad! sorry. – Devstar Feb 18 '13 at 16:56

On Database Structure: 1. you can use auto-incremented primary key in your table and store the data(student_id) as a seperate column(recommended).

On getting 'the last id of a row': 1. Use mysql_insert_id() .. check this out

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