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I've been working on trying to get my own domain, for example mydomain.com, hosted in Azure Websites.

I upgraded/scaled to change my setting to "Shared".

I added CNAME record from www.mydomain.com to mydomain.azurewebsites.net.

I added www.mydomain.com to my website in azure under "Manage Domains", and it allowed me to add it successfully.

I am able to browse successfully to the website with www.mydomain.com.

I changed the A record for mydomain.com to point to the IP address listed under the Manage Domains section of the Azure website.

The CNAME and A record have propagated based on testing on my machine and on centralops.net DNS lookup tools.

If I browse to mydomain.com I get a 404. www.mydomain.com works as expected.

Can anyone help?

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Step by step. This is working for me.

1 - In your DNS registrar create a CNAME record like following.

Name = awverify.mydomain.com

Value = awverify.mydomain.azurewebsites.net

TTL = 86400

2 - In Azure panel, add mydomain.com to your custom domains. It should show green check.

3 - Go back to your DNS registrar's web site and add an A Record for your custom domain using to IP provided to you by Microsoft in Azure Portal.

Name = mydomain.com

Value =

TTL = 7200

More info here.

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I can think two options:

a) The Azure web server needs to be configured to browse your site with both www.mydomain.com and mydomain.com. Maybe you have configured only one in "Manage Domains"

b) mydomain.azurewebsites.net. resolves to a different IP than mydomain.com (the A Record you added in mydomain.com is wrong)

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you need to work with a DNS provider that allows you to forward the A record to a DNS (Go Daddy provides this option) - i.e. www.mydomain.com points to mydomain.azurewebsites.net and mydomain.com is forwarded to www.mydomain.com

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