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I have a 200 rows table, which is paged into 20 pages (10 rows each page). Each of these row has a check box. I use jPage so all the table is still there, only get hidden by "display:none". I have written a function to select all check box (with some previous conditions attached), something like this:

$('#masterCbox').click(function () {
  if($(this).is(':checked')) {
    $('.childCbox').prop('checked', false);
    $('.select-y').children('.childtd').children('.childCbox').prop('checked', true);
  } else 
    $('.childCbox').prop('checked', false);

This will check all rows that have class="select-y".

However, it's required that only check boxes on-screen are going to be checked (check boxes belong to rows of displaying page). How am I going to accomplish that?

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can you tell us how you're making the other table as hidden I mean where does this 'display: none' been applied to –  asifsid88 Feb 18 '13 at 17:08
Amend your selector(s) so it checks the appropriate parent's display CSS attribute and does not select those. –  Marcell Fülöp Feb 18 '13 at 17:09
You could make sure that all checkboxes in hidden pages have the "disabled" flag set to true, so that they won't be posted when the form is submitted. –  Pointy Feb 18 '13 at 17:10
Which element is display:none? I would find some means of using JQueries not() function to exclude those checkboxes that are children of hidden elements –  Ben Felda Feb 18 '13 at 17:10

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You can use the :visible selector in JQuery to see if something is visible or not.

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Check if it's visible, and just check if it has a parent somewhere matching .select-y instead of all the children() stuff :

$('#masterCbox').click(function () {
   if( this.checked ) {
       $('.childCbox').prop('checked', false).filter(function() {
           return $(this).is(':visible') && $(this).closest('.select-y').length;
       }).prop('checked', true);
  } else {
       $('.childCbox').prop('checked', false);
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This works beautifully. –  vCube Feb 20 '13 at 7:47

You can apply a filter to check if your rows are visible :

  $('.select-y').is(':visible').children('.childtd').children('.childCbox').prop('checked', true);
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You can do this:

$('.select-y .childtd').children('.childCbox:visible').prop('checked', true);
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