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I've run into an issue building a simple quiz app where I'm checking if the user submitted answer is the same as the correct answer. I've been struggling to debug the error: can't convert Symbol into Integer.

Based on what I've found on SO, I think it comes down to me not parsing the JSON correctly in the controller in the bolded line (that's where the application trace says there is the error):

def create
@quiz_id = Quiz.all.length + 1
**if params[:user_answer1] == JSON.parse(eval(params[:correct_answer1][:value]))**
  flash[:notice] = "Yes you got it right!"
  render 'show' 
  flash[:notice] = "Sorry you got it wrong"
  render 'show'


The parameters I'm trying to parse are below. I'm trying to compare if the user answer is the same as the correct answer:

 "commit"=>"Submit Answers",

Thanks for any help - I'm a beginner with Rails and I've been struggling with this for over 24 hours so any help provided would be much appreciated.


I was making a mistake in the form:

<%= form_tag(lesson_quizzes_path, :method => "post") do %>
  <%= label_tag(:user_answer1, @question1.question) %>
  <%= hidden_field_tag(:correct_answer1, :value => @question1.answer) %>
  <%= text_field_tag(:user_answer1) %> 

  <%= submit_tag("Submit Answers") %>
<% end %>

and I just needed to not create the extra key-value pair:

<%= hidden_field_tag(:correct_answer1, @question1.answer) %>

Simple mistake made by a beginner (me.)

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To read the info in params you just have to do: params[:correct_answer1][:value] or params["correct_answer1"]["value"] drop the JSON.parse and the eval. – Kaeros Feb 18 '13 at 17:38
Thanks for the help. When I try either 'params[:correct_answer1][:value]' or 'params['correct_answer1']['value']' I get the same error that says can't convert Symbol into Integer – rails_newbie Feb 18 '13 at 22:16

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