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Is there a way to log history(and save it in .history file) in tcsh every time a command is entered in the shell ? Something like the solution given here for bash: Bash Command Logger

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Yes. There are several shell variables (those specified by the set command, and not environment variables) that control how this works:

  • history specifies how many commands will be remembered in the current shell
  • histfile names the file to save the history to (which is ~/.history by default)
  • savehist which specifies that the history of commands will be recorded to the history file

For example, you might put the following in your .tcshrc file:

set history = 1000  # remember 1000 commands
set savehist = 100  # write the last 100 commands to $histfile
set histfile = "~/.my-history"

Also, according to the manual page, doing a history -S will write the current history (as controlled by the above variables).

NB: the history -S didn't seem to work well on Mac OSX's 10.8 for me; it hung the shell

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