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I have a commercial program that takes input from a delimited text file and stores that data in a MySQL database. I am writing a Perl script that essentially removes the need for the commercial program and uploads the data directly to the database. However, I am unsure in which tables the commercial program stores all the data. There are several hundred tables in this database, so I need a tool that can crawl through the database for me and map where the data goes. Is anyone aware of a tool (Perl or otherwise) that can help?

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You can always just look at the general query log to figure out what the commercial app is doing.

This log will show all the connections it makes as well as the sql it is executing.

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you can try using a profiler, see this links.

alt text


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It uses the query profiler, but its so good to have a gui for it. just voted up ;) –  Diego Magalhães Sep 30 '09 at 14:51
I gave Jet Profiler a try, but the free version wouldn't show all the queries I needed. A cool tool nonetheless. –  indiguy Oct 1 '09 at 18:11

Indiguy, use the MySQL Query Profiler and run the commercial program. Then, it's just a mather of looking what the profiler logged on and then replicate on your perl program :)

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