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I want to load the treeview with data of single column of self referencing table from a SQL Server database. I want to show treeview as hierarchical manner like parent and child based on self reference to slno of the table.

My table looks like this

       slno     Ac_nm        Ac_acgrpPrnt
        1         A              0
        2         B              0
        3         c              0
        4         D              0
        5         E              1
        6         F              1
        7         G              3

here A,B,C,D are parent nodes and Ac_acgrpPrnt are 0, E, F are 1 it indicate children of A, G is 3 it indicates child of C, so these is the hierarchy I want to show in form load in my application, I don't have any idea for do this?

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sory AbZy,i dont have any idea how attach these selfreference table to my treeview directly/ –  user2063479 Feb 18 '13 at 17:57
What is your UI technology? –  Bryan Walker Feb 18 '13 at 19:13

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Perhaps the easiest way would be to first use Entity Framework to create a Self Referential mapping to the table. This will give you a class like

class Foo
     public ObservableCollection<Foo> Children { get; set; }

Then its just a case of binding to a collection of the root nodes in the xaml. Creating a Hierarchial DataTemplate to tell WPF what property is used to find Children and lazy loading will take case of the rest.

However you might find some performance issues here...

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