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I've a test case, that have three tables/classes (Language, Caption and CaptionLanguage).

The Language table stores the languages data.
The Caption table stores the caption index data.
The CaptionLanguage table stores the caption data per language.


Which Inheritance type I can use to solve the problem?

If I set the "@DiscriminatorColumn(name="ID_LANG",discriminatorType=DiscriminatorType.Integer)",
with the "@Inheritance(strategy=InheritanceType.JOINED)", will work?
Without use the @DiscriminatorValue(value="Value")


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What entities have you defined, are you trying to define? What relationships are defined between them? I don't think I can answer you too well because I don't think I see any inheritance "is-a" relationships in your model, but rather "has-a" aggregation type of relationship. Perhaps you could clarify that? – Charlie Feb 18 '13 at 19:41

This does not look like issue that could be solved by inheritance. Despite name, CaptionLanguage is not subtype of Language - it is also not subtype of Caption.

Instead it looks like three entities with following characteristic:

  • one-to-many from Language to CaptionLanguage (and/or many-to-one inverse)
  • one-to-many from Caption to CaptionLanguage (and/or possibly many-to-one inverse)
  • many-to-one from Caption to parent Caption (and/or one-to-many inverse)
  • CaptionLanguage does have composite primary key, so @IdClass, or @EmbeddedId should be used.
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