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I have a KendoUI Grid I'm using an MVC web application, all working fine however I want to add a custom command button that is shown conditionally in the UI and simply executes a command on my controller passing it the required parameter.

columns.Command(command => command.Custom("UnlockAccount").SendDataKeys(true).Click())

The command is specified as above but I only want the button to show when the DataItems IsLocked property is true.

I also cannot figure out how to just call and method on the controller rather. I cannot find a demo of this on the Kendo site and not sure how to move this forward.

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Use template column instead - via the ClientTemplate method.

Conditional templates are covered here and multiple times on the forums - the Command columns is not that flexible.

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Here is a specific example for using client templates for conditional command buttons.

const string ShowUpdateButton = "#if (IsNetReversal == false) {#<a class='k-button k-button-icontext k-grid-edit' href='\\#'><span class='k-icon k-edit'></span>Update</a>#}#";
const string ShowReverseButton = "#if (IsNetReversal == false) {#<a class='k-button k-button-icontext k-grid-reverse' href='/JournalDetail/Reverse/#: ID #'  ><span class='k-icon k-reverse'></span>Reverse</a>#}#";
const string ShowDeleteButton = "#if (IsAdjustment == true) {#<a class='k-button k-button-icontext k-grid-delete' href='\\#'><span class='k-icon k-delete'></span>Delete</a>#}#";

You can do the template inline but I find it easier (particularly for multiple buttons) if you declare constants and then use string.format to concatenate them.

col.Template(o => o).ClientTemplate(string.Format("{0}{1}{2}", ShowUpdateButton, ShowDeleteButton, ShowReverseButton));

The upside is it will work with popup editor whereas jquery hacks will ignore the conditional status when a user cancels out of edit. A cancel from the popup editor will restore the grid row from the viewmodel or wherever Kendo stores it which results in button states from before any jquery/javascript hack. The method above will also auto-wire the standard commands since I copied their HTML output for the client template.

The downside is that if Kendo changes their pattern for command buttons the client template may fail. I tired several other methods besides this one and the downside to this method seems better than the other methods.

Note on Kendo Forums: As of the date of this post, they do not appear to allow people who do not pay for support to post to the forums so I would suggest posting questions here instead. They monitor Stack Overflow and in my experience they seem to answer questions more quickly here.

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