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I am looking for a free software tool (or set of tools) to automate the document generation that requires the IEC 62304 and the FDA V&V standards (Software of Medical Equipments).

Basically, to maintain traceability between different documents, issue/bug trackers, SVN, source code, test cases, etc., report generation, document version control, project tracking, auditory functions, etc.

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That's a huge software, I doubt free ones exist... have a look at mks.com/solutions/by-industry/medical-devices, polarion.com/products/medical/index.php or rallydev.com/industry/healthcare –  CharlesB Feb 18 '13 at 18:33
@scrooge Did you find something, or pieces of the pipeline, that worked out well? –  Kris Kumler Apr 23 at 19:48

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Not really related to regulatory compliance, but maybe Axiom can help. It can generate Word documents from your requirements.

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