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I am having trouble with my project and I think you guys can give me a hint (I'm a newbie and the prj manager is in a meeting).

I need to send and receive messages via SOAP. I read w3school and have some example code running. I want to know is there a site/server I can send SOAP commands for the purpose of learning? then I would need to send those commands to myself and do stuff with it.

ATM I don't have a WSDL file and I am not sure that is required. I do have an xsd file.

Where can I find tutorials to do the above or learn how to do the above?

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Hopefully you are using PHP5, you didn't state, and php should be in the tags if you are using it, but, here is a nice tutorial for php soap server.


For the client, you may want to just start with the manual, once you get the server working, here. http://us.php.net/manual/en/ref.soap.php

The most important part of the manual for me is the commented parts as there is where I find the most useful information.

Just start with writing a simple webservice, then you can start on the client part, since you will have a server you can test against, where you can put in logging and see what is going on.

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