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I have a text file that i want to read. I have no problem doing that. My problem is that i need to check if a line has a white space or not. for example, lets assume the below is my text file. I want to save "something" in new string and if it has nothing in that column and row then i want to " " as string. Column1 Column2 Column3 Row1 Something Something Something Row2 Something Something Row3 Something

i tried to read the file with scanner and and save each line in new string. but i have no clue to how to get the white space from the string. i'm not sure if this method will work or not.

any suggestions


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If you want to check for white space just use

String out;
if(inputLine.indexOf(" ")!=-1){
  // Whitespace exists in string
  out = "something";
} else {
  // No whitespace exists
  out = " ";
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