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In a powershell script I need to start the process powershell and tell it to run the script foo.ps1 like so:

start-process powershell C:\foodir\foo.ps1

But I ran into problems when I needed the script foo to be run with parameters. I tried some code like this:

start-process powershell (C:\foodir\foo.ps1 -paramforfoo test)

but this simply freezes the script when it gets to this line and throws no errors. I think it is trying to pass the parameter test to the powershell process and not to the script foo. How can I run this script with parameters?

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Try using quotes to collect your command. E.g.

Start-Process powershell ".\Untitled3.ps1 -testparam 'hello world'"
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Thanks a lot. Works great. – bob0007 Feb 18 '13 at 19:28

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