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        <form method="post" action="">
        &nbsp;  &nbsp;<input id="bfolder" name="movefolder" type="submit" value="Move to folder:"><br><br>

      $userfile = $user_data['username'];

      $sql2 = mysql_query("SELECT `id`, `username`, LEFT(`title`, 15) as `title`, LEFT(`description`, 40) as `description`, `folder_name`, `file`, `code`, `type`, `size`, `date` FROM `files` WHERE `username` = '$userfile' AND `folder_name` = '' ORDER BY id DESC $limit"); 

        while ($query_row = mysql_fetch_array($sql2)) {
            $fileuser = $query_row['username'];
            $filetitle = $query_row['title'];
            $filecode = $query_row['code'];
            $filedesc = $query_row['description'];
            $filefile = $query_row['file'];
            $filesize = $query_row['size'];
            $filedate = $query_row['date'];
            $filetype = $query_row['type'];

        if (in_array($filetype, $allowed_image) === true) {
        if (empty($filetype) === false) {
            if (strlen($filetitle) < 15) {
                    echo "<div id='imageshowsearch'><span id='linkstylerename'><a href='http://localhost/edu/1111111111111/filerename.php?rename=". $filecode . "'>Edit</a></span><span id='deletefile'><a href='http://localhost/edu/1111111111111/delete_image.php?deletefile=". $filecode . "'>X</a></span><div id='linkstyle'><strong><a href='http://localhost/edu/1111111111111/userdownload.php?code=". $filecode . " '><img src='files/thumbs/" . $filecode . "/" . $filefile . "' alt=" . $filetitle . ">" . $filetitle . "</strong></div></a>";
        <select name="folder_option" class="select_folder">
        <option>Choose a folder:</option>
    $mysql_folder = mysql_query("SELECT `folder_name`, `code` FROM `files` WHERE `username` = '$userfile' AND `folder_name` > '' GROUP BY `folder_name` ORDER BY `folder_name` ASC"); 

    while ($query_row = mysql_fetch_array($mysql_folder)) {
            $filefolder = $query_row['folder_name'];
            $filecode = $query_row['code'];
            echo '<option value="' . $filecode . '">' . $filefolder . '</option>';

            if (isset($_POST['movefolder'])) {
                foreach ($query_row as $key) {
                mysql_query("UPDATE `files` SET `folder_name` = " . $_POST['folder_name'] . " WHERE `username` = '$userfile' AND `code` = '$filecode'");

               //these query not update selected 'folder_name' in database for each file 


In one page I have 10 picture with name and select option created 'folder_name' from mysql database in while loop. I must update mysql database with selected option 'folder_name'. These picture don't have folder name, but must have these option to select folder and update data in database.

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You need to change <select name="folder_option" class="select_folder"> to <select name="folder_name" class="select_folder"> if you want to reference $_POST['folder_name'].

More importantly though, your SQL is prone to XSS attacks. You absolutely need to scrub out your $_POST before referencing any value in the SQL. The mysql_* functions have all been deprecated. I recommend you use PDO instead - immediately.

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but it does not work again –  user1929805 Feb 18 '13 at 18:55
My psychic powers are no match for your vagueness –  AlienWebguy Feb 18 '13 at 19:15
Show me some right way. I don't have idea what how I can get to update databas –  user1929805 Feb 18 '13 at 19:18
if you can help...? –  user1929805 Feb 18 '13 at 19:18
But I already told you how. Check your mysql error logs if you want direct guidance. –  AlienWebguy Feb 18 '13 at 19:31

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