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I couldn't think of a better way to word the title, but to the point.

I have my code set up like so:

 <a class="news" href="http://MYLINK">


 <li class="blog">
  <a href="http://MYLINK/">

 <li class="news">
  <a href="http://MYLINK">



And each MYLINK has a background-image attached to it.

My CSS: { display: block; width: 105px height: 28px; 
background-image: url(Icons/news.png); } span { display: none; }

And it will maintain the link and not show the text.

But when I do the same for the li classes blog and news it will not display the text, but it will also not keep the link. Any help?

Should I be using js/jQuery to make this work properly?

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You should specify width and height for links too:

li { width: 105px height: 28px; background-image: url(Icons/news.png); }
li a {display: block; width: 105px height: 28px;}
li a span { display: none; }
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OH! Thank you so very much, I completely overlooked that! You solved my problem =D – Archxiao Feb 18 '13 at 19:02

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