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when I pass multigraph numpy adjacency matrix to networkx (using from_numpy_matrix function) and then try to draw the graph using matplotlib, it ignores the multiple edges.

how can I make it draw multiple edges as well ?

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Graphviz does a good job drawing parallel edges. You can use that with NetworkX by writing a dot file and then processing with Graphviz (e.g. neato layout below). You'll need pydot or pygraphviz in addition to NetworkX

In [1]: import networkx as nx

In [2]: G=nx.MultiGraph()

In [3]: G.add_edge(1,2)

In [4]: G.add_edge(1,2)

In [5]: nx.write_dot(G,'multi.dot')

In [6]: !neato -T png multi.dot > multi.png

enter image description here

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which versions of networkx, pygraphviz and graphviz are you using? –  eyaler Jun 11 '13 at 16:05
Here is what I have. But recent verions should give the same result. $ python -c "import pygraphviz; print pygraphviz.__version__" 1.2.dev1990 $ dot -V dot - graphviz version 2.29.20120625.0446 (20120625.0446) $ python -c "import networkx; print networkx.__version__" 1.8.dev_20130108070258 –  Aric Jun 12 '13 at 11:03
I wrote the same code, used neato to generate the picture of graph, but it is a directed graph (and not a undirected) and show only a edge (1,2) but not the edge (2,1). Why is not undirected?????And why insn't there the other edge??Please help! –  Stefano C. Oct 29 '14 at 16:44

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