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I have come across a little bit of a snag with my knockout/jquery/mvc skill.

I have a table on a web page that I iterated through with an MVC foreach loop and a function for each row based on a property of that iteration. Basically that row's key. Then in my knockout model I could write out an observable for each row. This allowed me to hide or close the row below that contains more information.

Row is the for each loop variable:, and i could write into the data bind the key in plaintext...

 <tr data-bind="if: @(row.Code)ToggleShowADCN()">

In summary that loop and scheme worked. I had a row with some data, and when the user clicked the control, it went off to a function on my ko model toggled a boolean which i showed/hid with an if binding on the next row.

Now for an edit view of the same table i wanted to use knockout to create it. So i could dynamically hide and delete rows without having to go back to the server. Now I used a foreach knockout binding. Knockout is great for the dynamicness since if you delete an item from your array it disapears from the view.

Here is my problem though, i can't seem to dream up a way so that each time it goes through a foreach loop iteration in knockout, some unique identifier is written in plain text.

I started off by using a switch, so every row had a click bind that was the same, but then quickly realized that while that allowed me to change my variables independently (by using $data), i still didnt have access to them when the knockout rows are "written to the dom" and therefor couldnt use the if bind very intelligently.

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Ive been playing with computed observables using a write binding... however they dont seem to behave as i expected (no ui updates) and using function.bind($data) stops all behavior... –  user1703963 Feb 18 '13 at 19:01
I just read a wall of text and I'm still not sure what the question is. Less words, more code and 1 clearly defined goal will get you an answer alot faster :) –  scaryman Feb 19 '13 at 0:36

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