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I can control the 'bird' using the accelerometer and this works my only problem is that it works when my device (phone/tablet) is flat, but this is not idle when you hold it in your hand to play. Is there a way to offset the zero point of the accelerometer to like 30° (degrees) on the y axis ?

display.setStatusBar (display.HiddenStatusBar);
system.setAccelerometerInterval( 50 );
local background = display.newImage("bg.png")

local bird  = display.newImage ("helicopter.png")
bird.x      = 100;
bird.y      = 100;

-- Speed of Movement with tilt. You can change it ans see the effects.
local tiltSpeed         = 30;
local motionx           = 0;
local motiony           = 0;
local rotation          = 0;

local function onTilt(event)
    -- Its for the new position of the bird
    motionx = tiltSpeed * event.xGravity;
    motiony = tiltSpeed * event.yGravity;

local function moveBird (event)
    bird.x = motionx + bird.x;
    bird.y = bird.y - motiony;
    bird.rotation = rotation;

Runtime:addEventListener("accelerometer", onTilt)
Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", moveBird)
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If you have event.zGravity then you can simply rotate 3D gravity vector to whatever position you want. –  Egor Skriptunoff Feb 18 '13 at 20:35
And how will i use this ? –  kevin ver Feb 18 '13 at 21:43
changed to -30 :) –  Egor Skriptunoff Feb 19 '13 at 19:42

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local delta = -30/180*math.pi  -- 30 degrees
local cos_delta, sin_delta = math.cos(delta), math.sin(delta)

local function onTilt(event)
    -- Its for the new position of the bird
    motionx = tiltSpeed * event.xGravity
    motiony = tiltSpeed * (cos_delta*event.yGravity + sin_delta*event.zGravity)
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