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The documentation of sonata admin filter is poor of examples, and they don't show all the options of fields.

So, I need to make or configure a text field and others without the operator select box before, this is too complex for simple users. I trying to develop a search form with a lot of fields without success. I was trying to make a custom template too. I tried what is written in this post Raw filter on Sonata Admin Bundle configureShowFields

Other personalised field that I want is the doctrine_orm_datetime_range but with some default dates filled. I am using the date picker from genemu bundle, like in this post: Sonata Admin Bundle: DatePicker range


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It is possible to hide the operator like this:

protected function configureDatagridFilters(DatagridMapper $datagridMapper)
            array('operator_type' => 'hidden')

Cheers, Marco

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