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So i have the misfortune of embedding this proprietary ActiveX control we created into a web page so that it downloads the code from our server and installs as necessary.

Our ActiveX requires a host of other files which need to be installed along with the activex control itself. It should also be noted that the activex and all its dependencies are c++-based COM objects (many use MFC).

So I read this article about it:

But it leaves a lot of things unanswered. For one thing, my ActiveX is actually embedded in a DLL file that contains other COM interfaces. Also, is it possible to have the mentioned cab file include the ActiveX/SDK installer and run that if the GUID isn't present? For example:




Security is not an issue here as this is an intranet-based solution (not available publically).

Also, the article mentioned here seems really old. Is there more up to date info available?

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You can create a dependency between the installer and a dll that is on the system like this:


Version=Your dll version  


If the system cannot find your dll or the version is lower, then it will run the setup.exe that suppose to install and register the dll.

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