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*Note this is for VERSION BUILD=6011206

I'm wondering if anyone knows a script for iMacros that would let you append text into an input field without overwriting anything.

To be more specific, this is for an input box used for notes that I would like to update, without losing any of the previous notes. Can anyone provide this script?

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You can try to extract the current value of the text, then set it to a variable then add strings in JavaScript and fill the text field.

var macroCurrent;

macroCurrent ="CODE";
macroCurrent +="TAG POS=1 TYPE=some_type ATTR=CLASS:some_class EXTRACT=TXT"+"\n";

var macroAppend;

macroAppend ="CODE";
macroAppend +="TAG POS=1 TYPE=some_type ATTR=CLASS:some_class CONTENT={{text}}"+"\n";

var text_to_fill="something here";


var text=iimGetLastExtract();


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Maybe quite long time ago asked, but i stumbled from google so i guess for someone could be useful. There is simpler way, without using javascript First extract from field. The flow is like IceD posted, but purely Imacros: extract field and store to var. append your text to the var. don't forget to clean up variables whenever needed. The code:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=ID:result_box EXTRACT=TXTALL // the text which to append
ADD !VAR1 {{!EXTRACT}} // append!
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