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I have the following code:

private int getKeyboardKeyPressed() {
    while (Keyboard.next()) {
        if (Keyboard.getEventKeyState()) {
            int key = Keyboard.getEventKey();
            if (key == Keyboard.KEY_ESCAPE)
                return -1;

            return key;
    return -1;

private int getMouseKeyPressed() {
    return Mouse.getEventButton();

I use a swing button to let the user input keypresses (press the button, then press the desired key).

This gives me two problems: first mouse is always returned as 0, however documentation says it should return -1 if nothing was pressed. I figured this could be because of swing's button press, perhaps, but setting up a new thread which does a sleep at first doesn't work either, neither does plain discarding the first press(es) work.

Second, the keyboard detection does not seem to work at all. It does not detect any presses.

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Apparently LWJGL needs to have the Display active and cannot catch keys through an active Swing window.

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