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I'm starting programming with KDevelop and Git.

I'm creating a project in C++ with KDevelop 4.4.1 and actually I've a Git account in Assembla.

I'm able to create an "internal git repository", doing commits with KDevelop.

I was researching about how I can PUSH my project into my account, but I didn't found enough information. How I can push my project to my repo in Assembla?

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Ok, so what is your question? –  David Brown Feb 18 '13 at 20:17

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Pushing generally is done like this:

Before the first push you should add a remote:

git remote add origin pathToRepositoryInAssembla

Now for the first push (I'm assuming your default branch is master)

git push -u origin master

This will push your changes and git will no assign the origin/master to your local master. After this by using

git push

It will automatically push all “assigned” branches that contain changes.

For more information on how to use git refer to the official handbook. For more information on remotes refer to Working with remotes.

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Your answer help me to do a first push to my remote repo. However, I was no using the KDevelop IDE directly to do the task... –  Chu Feb 20 '13 at 19:12

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