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I have exel file with specific structure. There are first row is title second are names and the last one are values. I need take only title and values it is not so difficult if Excel file has only 3 rows, but it can be 100 rows and columms and i need to get only Title and values, not any names and empty rows

         1          2        3           
1    GroupOne     Empty      Empty
2      Jonh       Elena     Mike    
3        45         100      500 
4        Empty      Empty     Empty
5   GroupTwo       Empty     Empty
6   Lisa           Ken       Lui
7   100             300      400

And etc.

As You see between two Title always is one Empty row. Finaly it will be something like this:

45   100   500
100 300 400

Thank you in advance. I would be so grateful for some help

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I think this website has an example that will help you:

import xlrd
workbook = xlrd.open_workbook('my_workbook.xls')
worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_name('Sheet1')
num_rows = worksheet.nrows - 1
num_cells = worksheet.ncols - 1
curr_row = -1
while curr_row < num_rows:
  curr_row += 1
  row = worksheet.row(curr_row)
  print 'Row:', curr_row
  curr_cell = -1
  while curr_cell < num_cells:
    curr_cell += 1
    # Cell Types: 0=Empty, 1=Text, 2=Number, 3=Date, 4=Boolean, 5=Error, 6=Blank
    cell_type = worksheet.cell_type(curr_row, curr_cell)
    cell_value = worksheet.cell_value(curr_row, curr_cell)
    print ' ', cell_type, ':', cell_value

The function cell_type should help you build a if-statement such as if worksheet.cell_type != 0 and thus skip empty cells.

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