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I have 2 colorbars and I want both of them to have different pickevents How can i do this? my code atm is

    x_ax.set_picker(5)##colorbar set picker

def on_pick(event):
    artist = event.artist
    val = event.mouseevent.ydata
    xal = event.mouseevent.xdata
    if highlight == 1 :
        print 'hello'
        global highlight
        highlight = 0
    if highlight == 0 :
        highlight = 2
        trans = transforms.blended_transform_factory(, )
        rect = patches.Rectangle((0,1),width=5, height=5, transform=trans, color='yellow',alpha=0.5)

        trans = transforms.blended_transform_factory(, )
        rect = patches.Rectangle((0,10),width=25, height=25, transform=trans, color='yellow',alpha=0.5)
        highlight = 1


self.canvas = FigureCanvas(self, -1, self.fig)

I tried adding x2_ax.setpicker(5) and self.canvas.mpl.connect('pick_event', on_click) but it just seemed to do both of them when you clicked either colorbar

My on_pick just highlights a section on a graph

How can i add a seperate pick event for each colorbar???

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You are connecting the pick event to the canvas and you only get one pick event per canvas. You need to add code your on_pick that can tell which artist it is dealing with. You can do this with closures, a slightly simpler/less elegant way is to simply add a label to your axes


and then in your on_pick

def on_pick(event):
    #some code here
    art = event.artist
    if isinstance(art, matplotlib.axes.Axes):
        # the artist is as axes
        if art.get_label() == 'x':
            # do one thing
        elif art.get_label() == 'y':
            # do another thing

You could do slightly better by making a dict keyed by the labels and with functions an the value, particularly if you end up with many labeled artists.

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